Motivation Monday – BOOTEA day one

image1Right today is the day I started the BOOTEA 28 day Teatox. I’m not a skinny girl, I don’t claim to be a skinny girl. I have lost a lot of weight but I’m definitely not done yet. This time two years ago no lies I was 18 stone. I’m not proud of how big I got but I am proud that I lost the majority of that weight. I’m ready to lose another two stone though and I feel that a detox is just what I need. I don’t eat particularly unhealthy but I do eat a few naughty things.

Since I started my new job however I have made a conscious effort to only take pack up and not buy anything bad. But I have on a couple of occasions snuck in a chocolate bar, or got caught up in a sausage sandwich hype.

But today no. I have been really really good. I started the day with the Day tea they Bootea provide you with. I’m not a tea lover whatsoever I’m coffee through and through and I’m going to be honest with you all, if you are like me and don’t drink tea very much it is not enjoyable. I think it tasted like the lemon water you wash your hands in at the Indian if you’ve ordered a mixed kebab. The herbs (do you call them herbs in the bag?) had an aroma of a mild coronation chicken sandwich crossed with a very flavourful pasta dish.

I also purchased the porridge, and I’m going to be fair to Bootea, this one is my bad… The instructions tell you to add hot water and stir for 30 seconds. I added the hot water and forgot about it for about 13 minutes. So Bootea I’m sorry for ruining your product.

After I ate my wallpaper paste I’d created I have to admit I was full. I didn’t get hungry until about 1pm which was a novelty for me because usually I would have eaten my pack up by then, so I enjoyed my tuna pasta and then had my tea around 7pm. I didn’t have my night time tea today because I didn’t fancy pooing through the eye of the needle tonight and that tea contains Senna which is a well known laxative. You take this one every other day so I thought I’d give my body a rest as it is already in shock that I didn’t have ice cream after my meatballs and vegetables for tea.

So far I don’t think this is going to be too hard but what I would suggest is drinking a lot of water as I have felt mega dehydrated all day, and also I would probably add extra exercise to your day just so it has a boost and your not disappointed at the end of it, even if its just an extra ten minutes walking the dog or taking the stairs instead of the lift. Anything extra you do is going to be beneficial.

I’ll update you on how I’m doing next Monday, hopefully I’ll be a size ten toned athlete by then!


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