25 Things That Make Me Happy

Henry at the fountain in Central Park

I’m making a stand to be/feel/act more positive so in honour of this new found self respect I am going to give you all a list of 25 things that make me happy. I think sometimes in this ‘first world problems’ life we lead we forget that there is so much around us to smile about.

  1. The dogs I have the pleasure to be around. I love that they are genuinely happy to see you regardless of what mood your in, whether you’ve showered or not, whether you’re wearing make up or look like a tramp. They see past all that and just love you, how can that not make you happy?
  2. My Mum, who has spent her whole life putting me first, and who I try and repay by making her laugh, and doing the very best I can to be a good person a daily basis.
  3. My friends who have stuck by me through thick and thin, through all the tears, tantrums and laughs and are till always at the other end of the phone whenever I need them and who I can bother with any strange or bizarre thought that crosses my mind and know that it will be kept in complete confidence.
  4. Martyn, who takes it upon himself to make me laugh every day regardless of my mood or his. How can that not make me happy?
  5. My family who know that even though I may not get to see them as much as I ought to still always welcome me with open arms and a brew.
  6. Sunny days, of course they make everyone happy but I just love that a sunny day opens up so many opportunities! Which leads me to…
  7. Road trips. I love packing up the car with essentials and just heading off anywhere, as far as your fuel tank can manage.
  8. New hair styles where you feel re-invented and like you can take on anything. And you wait in anticipation for someone to notice so you can say “Yeah I just fancied a change…” and look all brave and courageous.
  9. Writing; very apt I suppose but it does feel so good to just put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and just let it flow out.
  10. Music. Sometimes the only thing that can really express how you are feeling and there is nothing better than just cutting loose and letting your hair down to your favourite song.
  11. Takeaways. Now this is a bit of an odd one for me because I am always on a constant diet but I love those nights where you’ve been looking forward to a takeaway all day and you know you can comfort eat and watch…
  12. Movies/TV. I mean this can make you feel a whole load of things but I like that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you get really into a series or you watch a scary  film with the other half, or a rom com with your friend.
  13. Nights Out, now I don’t do this very often at all! But the whole lead up to night out makes me happy. The preparation, the hair the make up the outfit, the pre drinks the music the spending time with the girls! I love it!
  14. Chocolate. I’m a girl. Enough said.
  15. Travelling. I absolutely love exploring so don’t care where I go I just love discovering new places and new things to see.
  16. Photos. I love pretending I’m some type of David Bailey character when in actual fact I have no idea what I’m doing. Give it a good go because I love finding that gem of a photograph.
  17. Books, because its a little adventure that doesn’t cost anything. You can open a book and literally be anywhere in the world, be anyone you want to be. You get to half create the story in your mind and whats not to like about that?
  18. My job. Now I’m really lucky to feel like this but it has been a really journey to get here. I have worked my arse off to get where I am and gone through countless jobs that make me miserable but there is a real sense of zen when you are on your way to work and not dreading it.
  19. Compliments. Now before you all think I’m vain or whatever I love hearing someone acknowledge that I’ve done something different, or that they value my outfit choice, or they’ve noticed I’ve lost weight and in turn it makes me happy. I don’t expect them but its nice when I do get them 🙂
  20. Coffee. I would say I’m probably about 90% coffee. All fluids in my body have been replaced with coffee. I drink so much coffee that it doesn’t give me a buzz anymore it just lets me function. But the coffee I’m talking about is the coffee you get when you’re in a shop or cafe or hotel or something, not Nescafe you have it home. Yum!
  21. Fireworks. Bonfire night is my absolute favourite time of year, even though I’m a cold person, and I’m talking really cold, today it was 22 degrees outside and I still asked if the office minded if out the heating on. But any I digress. Fireworks always make me feel excited for Christmas, and remind me of being a kid and now its my anniversary with Martyn so more reasons for it to make me happy!
  22. Giving Gifts when you have spent ages thinking about what to get someone and getting to see their face when you give them it. I love knowing that you’ve got someone just what they wanted.
  23. Clothes that have just come out of the dryer/just been ironed. Oh wow that is what I live for. There is nothing better than the feeling of warm cotton on your legs!
  24. And while we are on the subject of washing…. Freshly washed bedding. I love getting in bed pulling the quilt up to my chin and smelling wash powder and it feeling all smooth
  25. When my house is clean. I’m not talking about the actually tidying or cleaning I’m talking about the end result when you look round and there is nothing more to do and you don’t know what to do with yourself. That makes me so giddy. I just sit on the corner of my sofa and admire it, or take pictures and send it to my mum so she can compliment me on how well I’ve done! I know how sad that makes me sound.

I know that some of these are weird and out there but I think it’s really important to be aware of what makes you happy. I think you can get stuck in a rut of focusing on the negatives when really there is always a lot of things to smile about.

Leave a comment of any weird and wonderful things that make you smile.


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