We Stand With Manchester

The Manchester bomb. I’ve kept quite quiet about this today because I honestly cannot comprehend what those people have been or are going through. I cannot get the thought of my first concert out of my head, how excited I was to go and see the band with my mum, step dad and step sister. We spent hours getting ready, we were 15 years old and so so excited to go and watch the band. But I have such fond memories of that night and I cannot get it into my head that those people had those same butterflies about seeing Ariana Grande, and it ending in such despair.

I never imagined to wake up this morning and know that something so close to home could happen so those poor people at the concert must be in absolute shock.

And then to add insult to injury, I’ve read all day long about fake news stories, people lying to get likes and retweets. What the hell is the world coming to? These people lying are the same people spreading hate and wrongful lies about the perpetrator.

We need to be standing as one and not turning on anyone. We need to use social media to its advantages. We need to offer whatever services we have to people in need. And for the most part that is what I’ve seen.

Please make sure you know if something is valid first before sharing it.

Please don’t make insensitive jokes about the attack because you don’t know who is reading what you have wrote, the world is a small place and social media is making the world even smaller.

And please stick together and stop tearing people apart. The only person/people you should be angry with is the attacked and if he had any accomplices.


Published by OhRochelle

Rochelle, 27

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