Five Reasons You Should Quit Your Job NOW

Last month I landed a job that I’ve wanted for a lot of years. It took a lot of guts to make the move but I’m so happy I did it.

I’ve heard and made every excuse under the sun to stay somewhere where I’m miserable but I’ve now realised that life is too short to stay somewhere you are unhappy.

My mum has commented on several occasions on how much of a different person I am now I actually enjoy my work.

She’s said “You were miserable grumpy moaning little sh**, but now I’ve not heard one bad word. You were always so miserable on a Sunday because you knew you were back at work the next day but now you look forward to it. It’s so nice to see.”

So anyone who knows me or my mum knows that she doesn’t mince her words, and yes, quitting my job was the best decision I could have ever made not just for myself but for my family and my relationship too.

You spend a good chunk of your life in employment, a third of your day is spent in the confines of your job, approximately 40 hours a week with your colleagues.

Please do not think you are alone in hating your job. You’re not. But you need to do something about it before it has an even more negative effect on your life.

Here are some excuses I have heard/previously used and why they are absolute nonsense

1) If I quit they win.

This is the whole winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win saying and its absolute rubbish. Who’s winning? While you stay in your job miserable your boss isn’t winning, you’re not winning by wasting your life? There is no shame in leaving a job that you are unhappy in because you are the leader of your own life and you need to take control.

2) I can’t quit I need money.

I have been in some pretty dire situations money wise and I’m not suggesting its always been the most sensible reason to quit but your health is worth way more than your salary. And we are fortunate enough in the UK that we have a safety net to fall back on. We pay our national insurance whilst in employment incase the unthinkable happens and we find ourselves without a job. And while I am not suggesting the job centre is a long term security, it’s there for dire circumstances while you pursue a suitable career.

3) Everywhere will be the same.

Pooh pooh.
Everywhere is not the same. Every where is completely different, and you’d be surprised how much your attitude can affect your environment. If you are a positive and pleasant person you will find that you will be treated with the same respect. There are so many great places to work, and if you don’t like the office environment, find something in retail. If you don’t like a customer facing role, look into manufacturing or behind the scenes role. There is always something.

4) Things might improve

Yep, you’re right. And you might get a pay rise. And your horrible boss might quit. Or your annoying co-worker might quit.
Or you might continue to wait for these things and before you know it two more years have passed and you are still stuck in your rut of a job. Waiting for something is counter productive, if you want things to change you have to actively make that happen, not sit around and wait for someone to change it for you.

5) I’ll lose contact with the nice people at work.

If they are truly nice, and they are more than colleagues they will stay in touch, just as you will with them. If you are truly unhappy at work and cannot stand your job they will understand and respect your decision.


Ultimately staying in a job you hate is not good for your health, your family or for your self esteem. Workplace stress is one of the biggest hazards in the work place. It causes you to be lethargic and lack energy and robs you of the ability to make healthy decisions. If you truly hate your job, I recommend getting out of there as soon as possible, and never looking back.

If you are struggling with making a decision make sure you speak to someone close to you or if your job is making you feel really low please speak to a GP.


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Rochelle, 27

9 thoughts on “Five Reasons You Should Quit Your Job NOW

  1. I absolutely love this blog, Rochelle. We make up far too many excuses which stop us doing things that we should do, or that would make us happier if we just did them. I work with a lot of people where workplace stress has been a contributor towards their anxiety or depression and they often haven’t realised that it’s a situation that they are choosing to stay in.


  2. So important to find a passion in life. Often we get bogged down in a job we don’t enjoy bc it pays the bills. I think we stay bc we become fearful of the what ifs if we leave; even though we dislike it we find a false security from the financial support. Great reminder that life is what you make it.


  3. Totally agree. I will own up to using pretty much every one of these and I think my health has really suffered in the past due to being in a negative environment work wise.


  4. Hi Rochelle, very nice article. You are so right with these thoughts! I think almost everyone thinks the same way, but these are only the act of mind. Thoughts and fear working together, holding you back for nothing? You want to do something of your own, just do it. Already so much time has been invested, thinking about others and fear of losing so many things which anyways are not keeping you happy.. Thanks Loved your article.. 🙂


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