Make-up Makes me Poor

I read so many different lifestyle blogs and all I do while I’m reading them is feel inadequate.

Especially make-up, hair and beauty blogs. Now don’t get me wrong I love make up tips, hair style advice and I love learning new techniques but I just cannot afford those products!

I work full time, but I live by myself and only have my income which goes on rent, bills and food. The little money I have at the end of the month tends to go in a saving pot for a holiday next year with my boyfriend.

I have been using the same mascara since Christmas. I know thats gross and before you all start with how I’m gonna get an eye infection ra ra ra. It’s not dried up so I’m still using it! I buy foundation from B&M for £3.99 or if I’m feeling flush I will get a Rimmel foundation for £6.99 if its on offer. I have absolutely no idea what that clear serum stuff people apply to there face before make up so I’m currently using a £3 primer I bought from an outlet store.

Anyway the point I’m trying to make is when I go out and do my make up I don’t feel ugly, I feel really nice which means that you don’t need the best of the best to look amazing.

Make up done with “budget” brands and I felt nice and had great coverage!

The best thing I could suggest investing in is Maybelline Superstar 24H Setting Spray. It costs about a fiver and it really does ensure your make up stays in place all day. The only thing I would suggest is you shake it really well before use because I sprayed it and went out and it had left white powder all over my face! My fault though as it does state on the spray shake very well before use. (Oops!)

Anyway back to the point, don’t be fooled into buying really expensive make up, it might be a good product but make up is not an essential and you can have just as nice make up without making yourself poor for the rest of the month.


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