Think Thin!

It was my first weigh in las night and I am pleased to say I lost 5.5lb.  Hurray!! Normally I would celebrate with a Chinese or a pizza or whatever but I am trying so hard to protect my weight loss and make sure it comes off quickly so I went home and had beans on toast with cheese on top. (naughty!)

I’ve found this last week pretty easy. Everyone has said how they find late nights the hardest but not me. I find afternoons the hardest. I just want to go on my dinner at work and treat myself to a steak and cheese roll or a pork pie or a bar of chocolate and I’ve found it hard to feel satisfied with my pack up and that being it.

My “Don’t buy bad food” drawer at work. I guess it works a little.

I’ve also found the washing up to be a nightmare. I am using ore pots, pans and tuppaware than a family of six and I live on my own!

I’m really proud of some of the decisions I’ve made this week though for example I swapped my morning and night coffee for a detoxing peppermint tea with no caffeine which has made me feel a lot more energetic. I also turned down a McDonalds for a Jacket Potato with beans no butter no cheese. WOOHOO, that is dedication is that!

I have decided my goal this week is to lose 2.5 lb. I said at class 1.5lb to get me to my half a stone award but I think I can do better. Plus I have a 10k run this weekend followed by Tapas with Martyn but I think 6.2 miles might give me some leeway Syn’s wise and as long as I’m really good until then I can’t see a problem with a treat.

Last night was taster night at class and all I discovered was that I am mega boring! The members were making all of this exciting stuff and it made me realise the options with Slimming World free foods is endless you just need to use your imagination.

My mum started slimming world last week and she lost 5lb on Monday so we are both dead chuffed. I’m really proud of her but I keep telling her she doesn’t need to lose anything (she’s tiny!)





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