This weekend I am running 10K in Yorks Race for Life.

6.2 Miles.

Thats a lot of running. Thats six Humber Bridges. I’m 0.4 miles from running the same distance of how high aeroplanes fly! (Standard flights fly at 6.6 miles of altitude)

Okay so I’m going to stop with the dramatics now.

Now I’m going to take you on a little trip down memory lane to year 6 sports day. I was a pretty chubby kid.

Chubby face at school haha

(I’m a pretty chubby adult but at school it was more noticeable).

And I really struggled with PE but I won one race. I remember my mum clapping and seeing a glint of shock horror in her eyes.
“SHES WON! SHES WON!” I could hear her cry.
Now this was the last activity of the day. It was a race where you had to balance a bean bag on your head and run to the finish line. And my mum had put my hair in a high ponytail that day. A high ponytail that just so happens to be the perfect shape for balancing a bean bag. I won by default because the beanbag did not fall off my head!

Fast forward a couple of years to Year 9 sports day. I had been asked to do a shot put and the relay race. Why? I have no idea. But they put me first in the relay race, purely so they could make up my time. And shot put? Don’t think I even got one metre.

Needless to say I am not the most athletic person but thats why this race means so much to me. I want to show people how much I am willing to put myself out in order to raise money. I have taken a leaf out of Martyns book, who last week threw himself off a 150 ft ledge for a bungee jump to raise money for OddBalls a testicular cancer charity.

The good thing about me running this 10k is that I will get claps all the way round the course (from my thighs!) and I get a cheat meal at the end of it. And of course so far (as of 06-07-17) I have raised £185 for cancer research.

I’m so proud of myself and grateful to everyone that has sponsored me. I promise I will not let you down and I will complete this race even if I do have to walk it/crawl it and it takes me until Christmas!

I am pretty gutted there isn’t some cheat like the bean bag race…

If you would like to sponsor me the link is to the page is HERE…. CLICK ME!

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