Ten Things you will relate to if you’ve lived by yourself.

I am celebrating year two of living by myself.

I initially moved out with an ex boyfriend but that lasted all of two months and since then I have lived by myself.

Well I’ve had my pooch but basically on my own. I’ve learnt so much in those two years and it’s been a real eye opener but i wouldn’t change it for the world. And this little anniversary has inspired me to write a little blog to all you independent women out there, I know you’ll get this.

Ten things you will understand if you’ve ever lived by yourself.

  1. Naked runs become naked leisurely strolls. Who are you rushing for? Take your time, embrace your bare bum and stroll to the bedroom. I don’t even towel dry anymore. I just air dry. Maybe I shouldn’t have shared that…
  2. if you run out of toilet roll you are screwed. I’m sorry that so far these are just bathroom related things… but yeah if you run out of toilet roll, theres no shouting for help you are drip drying and finding it yourself. Gross but theres got to be some down sides…
  3. You can watch what you want, when you want and then when you have visitors who watch other things you resent them a little bit. “What do you mean you want to watch big bang theory? Coronation street is on!”
  4. Cooking is hard. Everything comes in pairs and you waste a lot of food. I  waste so much stuff that I’ve started to freeze milk… that is so sad. In fact when people visit they are pretty disappointed because I never have anything in.
    This was my roast for one.
  5. You have to learn DIY quickly; and I’m not talking about becoming a great carpenter or electrician, I mean you have to learn which superglue to buy to stick  your curtain pole up quickly, or learn that blu-tac will keep that pesky opening cupboard shut. My boyfriend can vouch for my DIY skills.
  6. People who moan about paying lodge irritate the shit out of you. Oh you’re skint in your full time job where all you pay is £200 a month tell me how that hard is again?
  7. You aren’t scared of the dark at all… unless you have watched a scary movie on your own and realise you’re the perfect victim for a horror film and run to your bed and hide under the covers.
  8. Bedtime is weird, and even though you are by yourself you still have a stern word with yourself like you’re parents would have done if you were still at home.
  9. Cleaning is no longer a chore but just an everyday ritual without you even knowing your doing it. Apart from when you have to use a new dishcloth, that’s a good day. I like those days. Or when you find a new cleaning product on offer and you need to find excuse to try it out.
  10. Watching a TV series is fine because you haven’t got anyone getting mad that you’ve watched it without them or anyone wanting the TV while you are watching it.

So there you have it. I’m sure most people can relate. And I’m not saying I want to live on my own forever but I certainly can cope. You really do have to learn things along the way but I feel like I’m a more rounded person because of it. It’s really important to me before I make a decision to live with someone that I am doing it because I want to not because I have to and that’s why I believe everyone should live by themselves at some point, I don’t rely on anyone.**

**(maybe my mum buys me those pesky toilet rolls when I forget now and then but I have two toilets it’s hard to remember both!)


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