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The weather is getting quite autumnal at the moment and I love it. I love fishing out my jumpers and wearing big thick socks and boots. I love the butterflies I get in my tummy when I start think of dark nights, hot drinks and stews. Watching films under the duvet with the fire on and buying presents for people.
I always have preferred winter. Don’t get me wrong I love a barbecue, and beer gardens with the sun glaring down but I have to be realistic. I live in England, the weather is rarely good and I live on my own meaning I can’t afford a holiday always so I’m embracing what I can get my hands on really. Appreciating what I’ve got.
In honour of the upcoming season of nesting in my house I decorated my living room. I live in rented accommodation and I don’t have a lot of money to decorate every room in my house to some designer standard but I’m really pleased with what I’ve achieved.
I’m guilty of spending hours on Pinterest and trying some ideas out and them looking like a gigantic crafty mess.
I wanted to create a feature wall that was sort of like an art gallery of some of my favourite things.
So I routed out some old bits that I’d forgotten about, old picture frames (you can pick frames up from charity shops for pence) I have some lovely people who have made me canvases but I’ve had a look on Groupon and wowcher and they have some great deals to make your own.
I then used some old signs that I’ve picked up from Home Bargains, B&M and Poundstretcher.

Then here’s the bit I struggled with.

I sat down and PLANNED where I was going to put the items so that I didn’t rush it and make the gigantic crafty mess I mentioned earlier.

Heres the finished project.
img_3104 I liked it so much that I purchased some new cushions and cushion covers, along with a rug (£19.99 from Poundstretcher). The trunk I use as a coffee table I got from a car boot sale for £6.
I will make a mental note that next time I need to take before pictures!
But yeah. I love the finished article and I cant wait to spend the winter snuggled on the sofa with my candles lit and fire on.img_3155


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