Six Relatable Moments for Twenty-Somethings.

I had a moment earlier this week that happens to other people and I always think they are taking the Mickey.
I forgot how old I was.

My mum has genuinely rang me (on several occasions) and said “Rochelle? How old am I again? I cant remember?” And I’ve told her, and then thought silly sod who forgets their age?
This week it happened. I could not remember.

And I blame it on ages not being significant for decades at a time.
So when you are 10 its all oooh double figures, 13 oooh you’re a teenager. 16 ooh you can legally have… a lottery ticket. 17 oooh you can drive. 18 oooh you can drink. 21 key to the door.

I’m 24 (I’ve worked it out… eventually) So for three years I’ve had bog standard birthday ages. You don’t get a birthday party for 23, or a novelty cake for 24. And now its dawned on me, in six months time I’m no longer in my “early twenties”. I’ll be half way to fifty, in my late twenties.

So in honour if this realisation I’ve decided to write down SIX significant things that I think all “early twenties” will relate to.
1) Your friend group gets suddenly shorter smaller thinner and that is OK.
Believe me I know everyone says this but it really is quality over quantity. I definitely don’t have a huge group of friends but I have some people that I know it doesn’t matter what crisis I’m in they will always be just a phone call away. Or a text if I’m feeling particularly vulnerable.
2) You become more comfortable in your skin. So what if you only get 2 likes on your Facebook status and one of them is your mum, you posted it because you liked it. You wore that outfit because you feel nice in it not because you are trying to impress anyone.

3) You have the “What the hell am I doing with my life” meltdown at some point. And if you don’t have that meltdown you’re a liar.
4) You and the people you used to get pissed with start doing grown up things, like getting married, buying houses moving abroad, having babies, getting careers. And it’s scary. These are the people you shared a bottle of cider on a field with, copied homework off, signed their shirt in permanent marker so it stained their skin and now they are adults, wearing suits and making little people. It’s scary and creepy and weird and I don’t feel old enough!
5) You finally know what it’s like to be skint. And I mean SKINT! I once lived for a week on 94p. And that saying £1000 is not a lot of money to have but is a lot of money to owe is so so true. I could quite easily squander away £1000 on cleaning products, home decor and clothes in one good shopping session but if I owed it, it would probably take me about a year to pay back!
6) Everything aches. I can’t go a day without making some oooh ahhh sound. And hangovers, they last days and days and days. And going on a school night is ALWAYS a rocky error and you will feel it for days afterwards.




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6 thoughts on “Six Relatable Moments for Twenty-Somethings.

  1. I’m 22 and the amount of aches and pains I have is crazy. Like, this better not get worse! I also just graduated so every day is a “what the hell am I doing with my life” moment. I don’t recommend the feeling.


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