Hughes Reviews – NARS concealer

Lil reviewsy from Hughesy.

Gonna be real with you lot, I go from having flawless skin, like the skin of an angel, to the skin of the acne guy from the Simpsons in the space of couple of hours and I hate it.

I clean my face with soap and water or an expensive product it doesn’t matter I get random breakouts whenever my face feels like it. My face is the equivalent of a stroppy toddler.

So I invested in some NARS concealer which is not cheap. I had such high expectations for this product, I’ve seen women using this stuff on Youtube tutorials to contour their face, I’ve seen them using it to cover spots, Ive seen men use it transform into beautiful women!

Do you know what I use it for? I use it in my pen pot at work so my ruler doesn’t get lonely.

I’ve been an avid user of the collection 2000 concealer that I use for bags under my eyes! Spots! Contouring! It has never done me wrong, and then I went out, got all cocky thinking I’m the big ‘I AM’ buying concealer that costs me the same amount as the fuel I use in a week.

Disappointed does not cover it. Its thick and matt and makes my face patchy and dry, and it dries like a chalkboard pen.

I know I’m going to get some flack about it being amazing and wonderful but nope I don’t think so. I’m going to save my money in future and stick to my £2.99 collection 2000 concealer.

I’m sorry I thought I could do better than you C2000. You are absolutely fine as you are.


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