Diary: Ditching the scales

SO I’ve spent two and a half years half heartedly following the slimming world plan. But it’s time now I finally reach my target.
But what is my target? How the hell will I know what 10 stone will look like on me? or 8 stone? I might be happier at 11 stone.  ARGHH.
Made a little decision that from now on I’m not doing it solely based on weight any more.
In fact I’m only going to weigh myself once a month so I don’t get obsessed with numbers.
img_3823I’m going to be basing my entire journey on fitting in this dress that I’ve spent 2 years hoarding. Its not a particularly special dress, its not sparkly or amazing but I’ve never been able to fit in it.
It says its a 14 but I think it must have got muddled up with US sizes and it’s actually a 10 because even at my lowest weight I could not squeeze my arse into this dress!
I’m not going to slimming world classes because (and this is the honest truth) Great British Bake Off has started again on a Tuesday night and well… I like GBBO…
I’ve started eating healthily again, and I dragged Martyn into it as well because he was hoping for ice cream on Saturday, instead he got fruit with a muller light! He then tried to teach me how to use weights for my arms and my 1.5 kg lady weights got too heavy and I bashed myself in the face. Martyn laughed, I cried.
The weight training came about because we got into bed and as he went to set an alarm he noticed the two arm weights on my bed side table.
“Why the hell are these here?”
“I do arm weights before bed…”
“Oh God, Show me…”

*does the arm weights*

“Oh God, stop.”
But I am fully trained now and will have the arms of a goddess not of a 73-year-old who’s only exercise has been dabbing at bingo.
So I’m going to spend 4 weeks sticking to the diet, measuring myself because I find even when I’m not losing weight I can feel the difference in inches lost.
4 weeks means
I’ve weighed myself today and I will weigh myself again on Monday, October 2.
I’ve set a lil reminder in my phone and hopefully I will see a big loss in pounds, and also a big loss in inches.
I have measured:
1) Thighs
2) Arms
3) Waist
4) Bust
Ideally I am hoping for about 11 or 12 lb lost but hey ho as long as it goes down I’ll be happy.
I’ll try the dress on too… you never know…
Anyway I’ve gone off the point again, I never shut my mouth. The main point I was trying to make is that numbers on the scales should not determine how happy you are. I’ve had a lovely weekend, felt really confident. Don’t know what I’ve lost, just chose clothes that I liked and felt happy in myself. Something I’ve not felt for a long time.

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19 thoughts on “Diary: Ditching the scales

  1. Agree, numbers can never make us happy until and unless it’s a 7-digit salary credit in account..lol. loved your post to the core. I also got obsessed with loosing weight (especially belly fat) but was gaining more because of stress. I decided to leave it, eat healthy and try maintain a routine of workout. That’s all what matters.


  2. You look great but I hope you get to wear that dress soon because it will make you feel confident! The whole scale thing is horrible and disheartening and I think I’m going to ditch mine too. Rooting for you!


  3. I think you look great! Don’t obsess over sizes and numbers. I’m living in South Africa and their pant sizes that fit me are size 16. When I buy American brands it’s 12, so I don’t trust sizes anymore. And the biggest secret when it comes to losing weight, from my own experience is food. Eat healthily, make it a habit and it will happen before you know it! But always keep in mind that you are already beautiful!


    1. Thanks carol! I think it’s scary that people get so obsessed with numbers and start to punish themselves if the scales don’t match what they believe. We fluctuate all the time it’s natural xx


  4. Aww, you are a perfect weight already but I support you in fitting into that dress. My sister did this too. She had a goal to fit into a dress and she succeeded. She didn’t weigh herself at all and still hasn’t.


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