Seven Things Before 25

Next week I will be half way to 50. My 25th birthday has crept up so fast that I don’t feel as though I have had any time being 24.
I remember being 10 or 11-years-old thinking that 25 was practically ancient or that people who were 25 had their lives in order and knew exactly what they wanted or what they should have done by now.
But the older you get the more you realise that no one really knows what they are doing, and even though people give you advice they don’t know for definite if it is right. They are just muddling through life like we all are, making decisions we hope are right at the time. And they are also most definitely not old…yet.
So for this last week, I am reflecting on seven things I’m glad I’ve done by 25.
1) I’m happy I paid attention a school. Yes, it was boring not always going out at the time my friends were, and yes it was boring having MSN banned while I finished off a Romeo and Juliet dissection for English but I came out with good grades and it taught me some discipline.
2) I’m glad that I was bullied. Sounds weird but I’m glad that people were shitty and horrible to me because when I was younger I was such a wimp and I would cry at absolutely everything and now people can say horrible stuff to me and I can brush it off. Don’t get me wrong it hurts now and then but it’s made me into a much stronger person in the long run.
3) I’m pleased that I got so so drunk. This whole once bitten, twice shy thing is absolute rubbish. I have been bitten about 30 times and these past two years I have finally learnt my lesson. I know when enough is enough. And I *TRY* not to make a fool of myself anymore.
4) I’m glad I kissed a frog. Trying to make that sound as pleasant as possible but being with some horrible guys has made me appreciate everything I have found now in Martyn and I try and show him that every day. It’s made me grateful for Martyn and shown me exactly what a relationship should look like.
5) I’m happy that I have had (and lost) my own business. There are not many people who can say that they have had their own business, especially at the age of 19 and 20. And yep I lost it but my God it was worth every second and penny for that experience and it made closer than ever to friends and family.
6) I’m glad I went to Uni. I’m pleased that I can say I went but it doesn’t mean I liked it. In fact, University was the worse time of my life but again Je ne regrette rien. Everyone makes mistakes and mine was thinking that I should choose a university based on who I was dating rather than what I was studying. Lesson learnt! Glad I’ve done it!
7) I’m pleased that I have travelled so much because it makes me feel so fortunate. I’ve visited places that people dream of going to. The world is big place and I haven’t even scratched the surface but I’ve been on some big adventures and it’s made me want to know and experience more of it.
There’s so much more I could waffle on for but I’m gonna cut it here. Here’s to the next 25 years and to many more life lessons!



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