HUGHES REVIEWS: AP-24 Whitening Flouride Toothpaste

img_8016White teeth are a big thing for me. If my face is spotty or my hair is greasy I can always rely on the fact that my teeth are straight (ish) and are white.

Or so I thought.

I use whitening products all the time. Crest strips were the most recent fad. Before that some whitening strips that I brought back from America that probably broke some import law but anyway the point is my only method was to brush my teeth twice a day and once a week stick a whitening strip on.

The whitening strips for the purpose of being completely transparent in my reviews do work. And my teeth do look whiter after I’ve used them. It also helps that I stopped smoking as my teeth seem to be in a lot better shape now (duh obvs should never have smoked in the first place ra ra ra) But the whitening strips were making my teeth and my gums so bloody sensitive and actually bleaching my gums sometimes. So I had white teeth and patchy white gums. Not hot.

So my friend from school who works in beauty asked for a few people to trial some toothpaste and I offered and she gave me a free sample (thank-you Sarah!)

Oh. My. God.

All other toothpastes and whitening products have faded into insignificance in comparison. To be honest the first day I swapped I used it and thought “ugh what is this watery toothpaste this isn’t going to clean my mouth.” It felt like I was washing my teeth with milk because it was so thin and in some parts it was quite grainy, but I persevered because hey what harm could it do.  After I rinsed my mouth out and spat I did the tongue over teeth test and it was as though I had just been for a scale and polish at the dentist. My teeth felt so so clean and the taste of the toothpaste wasn’t bad either, a really subtle spearmint but noticeable all morning.

My teeth felt clean all day, even up to the point of brushing before bed.

The tube lasted me two months and ran out earlier this week. I was devastated. Colgate tastes and feels like crap and I miss it already.

Even without the whitening results I was happy with the product, but when I compared my teeth before and after the difference was remarkable and I was converted.

On a superficial level the packaging looks really nice too and for how long it lasted I’d be happy to pay the £10.50 price tag.

I’m 100% sold on this product.

Sarah’s website:


**Although the product given was a free sample all views are my own. I receive no payment for the review just extremely happy with the product!


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