Feminist? Just my views!

I’d like to think of myself as a bit of a feminist but even I’m not sure what that entails anymore.

To some men that probably means I’m a bitchy moany whingey woman who isn’t satisfied with anything that I’ve got.

To some women, it means I’m some hippy hairy-armpitted women screaming about periods and pay.

But to me, it means that I am empowered and that I know exactly what I want and no man nor woman is going to stop me.

The whole inequality in pay is something that I have never come across if I’m being completely honest. The gender pay gap really isn’t something that has affected me personally because as far as I’m aware I’ve always been paid the same pay as my male peers and if I ever found out that someone was getting paid more for doing the same job I’d speak up because – well- I can’t help myself and if somethings bothering me, you can be sure as shit I’m going to pipe up eventually.

Feminism to me is being independent.

Before I was with Martyn I was living by myself, doing all of the DIY jobs in the house, the gardening, the decorating, the building, the cooking, the cleaning, everything. Yes, parts of those jobs were crap… like for example, my curtain pole was so wonky that one side was always shut and one side was always open…

But I did it. And I was proud. And even now if Martyn wasn’t around I wouldn’t wait to do a job I’d give it my best shot because we both work hard and even though I know he is more qualified to do manual jobs than me it is not his job to do every bit of heavy lifting and DIY just like he knows it is not my job to do every bit of cleaning or cooking.

It annoys me that half of the women claiming to be feminists, claiming to want equality, are the same ones who won’t put the bin out because that’s a “man’s job”.

If we want equality, we better start acting like equals too.

I’m ready to fight to minimise the gap and what I want is actual equality.

I want men to have longer paternity leave, I want women to not have to do every last bit of housework, I want to see women stop emotionally blackmailing men and I want men to stop objectifying women. But its got to work both ways.

We can’t fight for equality when our goal is to be treated better than men. We can’t fight for equality and the turn round and say “who run the world? Girls” cos no. We don’t. Yes we have periods and it’s pants, and yep we gotta be the one to have babies and from what I’ve heard… painful. But it takes two to make that child, and we get longer paid maternity leave to compensate for that!

If you want gender equality we better start saying who run the world? Girls! And boys! Equally. Cos that’s fair.

So am I a feminist? I still think so? I think it’s crap that we have only had the vote for 100 years that should have never been the case. It’s rubbish that BBC China news editor Carrie Gracie felt her hand was forced in quitting her role because she was being paid a substantial amount less than her male equivalents. And she has my complete support, as does every other individual in her position.

(I marched 4 women)

But I will not be a part of any culture that promotes entitlements over equality.

So yeah that’s my two pence sorry in advance if I’ve offended!


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Rochelle, 27

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