Get Well Soon

With all the change in weather this year it was only a matter of time before I came down with the dreaded lurgy.

It started as it usually does with a sore throat and me trying to think back to when I was scream-singing in the car and then bam next day it hits you like a tonne of bricks.

I had to leave work early and take a couple of days off to recuperate as it was a particularly nasty cold with my sinuses and hearing being affected too.

But while I was getting better I made a mental list of things that I’m going to make sure I stock pile to make sure the next time I get poorly I’m prepared. I also think these things helped me heal a lot quicker. (Note I am not a doctor nor do I have any medical qualifications apart from being the first aider at work!)

So here is my how to survive a cold listicle.

1) make sure you have a shit load of tissues and bin close by.
Catch it bin it kill it! Then empty the bin again cos you’ve filled it.
But yes I cannot stress how important it is to throw the tissue away. If I’m surrounded by dirty tissues I feel dirty and unclean and even worse so just get rid as soon as you’ve used them.

2) dose up… and fast.

As soon as I feel even a hint of a cold I’m straight at it with lozenges, paracetamols, medicine, nasal sprays… basically anything that’s going to make it feel better.
My favourite go to products are any day and night capsules any brand is good, I need the caffeine from the day tablets and for night ones to just be paracetamol otherwise I’m awake all night.
Also buttercup medicine because it doesn’t taste gross and makes my throat feel better.
Strepsils. The honey and lemon flavour ones yes yes yes. Don’t take too many. I recently heard (not from my own experience thank the lord) that they have a real laxative effect if you take too many. You don’t want the squits as well as a cold.

3) drink lots of fluids

You need to flush it out your system and water is the way to do it. I’ve got to admit this is one I really struggle with because I don’t drink enough water and drink too much coffee but I always reap the benefits when I drink more water.

4) if you don’t feel well, rest.

From personal experience the worse thing you can do as the only person with a cold is go into work and infect the whole team. And your cold will last twice as long if you are battling through the day because you aren’t giving yourself enough chance to heal. Do everyone a favour, go home and rest.

5) create a nest.

If you have taken my advice and called in sick then make sure everything you need is within reach so you don’t have to keep getting out of bed. Magazines, books, remote, bottles of drink, fruit, tissues, medicines. I’ve had it all while I’ve been poorly, the only time I went out of my bedroom was to have my tea and go to the loo.

6) moisturise.

I can’t be the only person this happens to but when I’ve got a cold my skin feels gross. I like to wash my face with a baby wipe so it feels extra clean. Then moisturise it so it continues to feel hydrated. My favourite daily moisturiser is L’OrĂ©al hydra genius because it makes my skin feel amazing. It always perks me up.
I like to wear a lot of lip balm too as my lips get really dry when I have a cold so just keep everything hydrated.
I also have to Vaseline my nose if I’ve had a cold because it goes all dry and peeling from so much tissue action.

7) have a nice hot bath or shower.
Again because your skin can feel really dull and dry and because you’ve been in bed all day a hot bath or shower is just the thing to make you feel better.
It feels extra relaxing because you know it will be doing you the world of good to just soak and it feels amazing to feel clean and not like the old people in Charlie and the chocolate factory.

8) stay warm.

I’m always cold anyway so I’m all for staying warm. I usually like to keep my room extra toasty by lighting some candles and my wax melts and it’s nice in-between sniffles to smell something fresh instead of that manky cold breath you get.
I also make sure I have lots of quilts and pillows and blankets so I’m fully covered and so I don’t get a chill.

9) invest in some good pjs.
I cannot tell you how much better I feel in a pair of matching pjs rather than some horrible odd ones that only half fit you and feel uncomfortable.
I always like to wear stretchy cotton ones because I just find them the comfiest. My current ones are from Sainsbury’s and they have seagulls on and they are really cute.
Link here: seagull jarmies

10) eat poorly food.

Finally but by no means least eat poorly food. Chicken soup, scrambled eggs, toast, orange juice, grapes.
Not because it will magically make you feel better but it’s that feeling of home comforts that will perk you up.
If your on a diet don’t worry about it while your I’ll because you’ve got enough on your plate without thinking about how many points or syns are in this that and the other. It’s only a couple of days.
Eat that toast, drink that fruit juice and come back stronger.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you feel better soon.


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