Seven ways to say boobs.

I am currently counting down the days to my holiday. I’m going in October so at the moment I am insanely jealous of all the people who are jetting off here there and everywhere. But when all of those people are back, stuck in their routines, and nursing their holiday blues I will be jetting off up up and away.
Although the waiting is hard, the hardest thing I’ve found with an October holiday is the clothes.
I’m currently dieting so the first hurdle I’ve got is whether I buy clothes that fit now or hope that I’ll lose a bit more by the time the holiday runs around and buy smaller.
The second hurdle? Big boobs.
I mean it wouldn’t matter if this was a spring holiday a winter holiday, I have got massive boobs that ruin everything.
I’m not one of these tiny-titty ladies that can pop into a primary sale and find a cute little bikini or costume. No way. I’m the poor bugger who has to buy a small tent to cover my ta-tas.
And the problem with that is no one caters for that unless you go “specialist”. I might be a size 14/16 bottoms but I’m gonna have a hard time finding a matching set when my melons are the size of a small town.
I’m talking your Bravissimo’s, your Simply Be’s your Marisoto’s.
Then you also bump into the £50 price tag and wonder if you will get away with an old pair of bra and knickers.
Then after making some dodgy “big bust bikini” searches in google, I came across a little ray of sunshine in the shape of Asos.
Asos didn’t force me to a plus size corner of the website. I put my size in and found actual small bangers bikinis that went up to my size.
They arrived yesterday and I felt really good in them.

And buying from the “normal” range gave me a surprising sense of confidence and achievement, that it really shouldn’t have.
Yeah I have lumps and bumps, and yes my legs desperately need sun, and yes Rochelle you should have brushed your hair but I am ‘normal’.
The UK average size is a 16. So why are we calling anything above that plus size, and everything below average?
If size 16 is the average then why doesn’t plus size start at size 22 (for example) and petite sizes include width as well as height?
And it got me thinking about being ‘plus-size’ or ‘curvy’.
Anyone who has ever had to shop there, whether it be because of weight, or height, or bust knows that with a plus size label, comes a big plus size range of emotions.
Why should I be made to feel like a humungous-hootered-heifer that needs to pay someone an extravagant amount for the stretches and metres of extra material that it takes to complete my bikini top?
And while I am on my soapbox, can we also point out the beautiful BooHoo model. The plus size blondie who is wearing a size 16.
Well if she is wearing a size 16 you need to evaluate your sizes Boohoo because she’s tiny, and it’s so unfair to represent her as plus size. I wouldn’t look twice if she was in the “normal section”.
All I’m really trying to say is maybe we should just say we are all different sizes instead of putting some people in a “normal” box and some in a plus size box because even with the best intentions calling someone Plus Size always comes with negative connotations.
And for any women or girls who are struggling with weight, or height or fun bag issues I just need you all to know this.
Whatever size you are, you are enough. You are not abnormal. ‘Normal’ is represented unfairly.


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