HUGHES REVIEWS: Balmforth and Co Coffee

I was lucky enough to be gifted some treats from Balmforth and Co, a Yorkshire coffee company based in Barnsley.

Now Yorkshire is well known for their banging brews, but normally of the tea variety. (Don’t @ me with your southern fortnightly teas… 2 week… get it… haha).

Balmforth and Co

Anyway, they let me try their breakfast brew and I have to say it was absolutely lovely. If you like a heavenly dark roast with a caffeine kick then this is the coffee for you.

I used to think of filter coffee as a bit of a treat, as it can be messy to clean up and seems a bit of a faff , but after a couple of weeks it stopped feeling like that, and felt worth every extra second of effort. Freeze dried coffee stopped tasting as good and definitely didn’t wake me up in the same way this did.

Coffee Addict

The favourite thing about the taste is that coffee is allowed on most diets, so I could be extra strict and have a delicious tasty coffee and it felt like a treat. It meant that I stuck to my diet religiously, and treated myself to a full bodied coffee instead of a full bar of chocolate.

Not only was the coffee lovely, but I noticed that there was no plastic in my delivery, a real plus point for me.

The company, founded 50 years ago, has been carbon free for more than ten years and their cups and coffee bags are all sustainably sourced. On top of that their coffee is Fairtrade which means that the farmers they work with not only build a better quality of life for their family and community, but also invest in the future of their farm and into a better quality bean.


It’s important to be mindful of these things especially in the current climate and I think it’s fair to say that this company is paving the way for other less commercial businesses. Their product lives up to their ethos and I think that is so important.

They sent me a reusable flask as well which has been a god send, as it means I don’t just get to enjoy it at home I can have it on the go.

So yes, there are many places throughout Yorkshire who stock Balmforth and Co’s eight blends of coffee. Visit their website for more details here.


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