I lost 12lb in SIX days.

So, the month of March brought 10,000 steps per day and the month of April is the month I started my diet!

Yes I know you’ve heard it all before but I’m in the zone.

And for the first week of April I started an extra strict, extra fun (not) diet and I lost a whopping 12lb in six days.


Yes, six days, and 12lb. In that week I dropped almost a stone and a dress size and I’m going to tell you every last morsel of food and drink that passed my lips.

First of all, I have to say before you undertake any diet, check with your doctor. It’s important to make sure that you are fully checked because this diet especially has A LOT of eggs and eggs can cause a wide variety of side effects in people and I don’t want any incidents on my conscience!


Secondly this diet is not for the faint hearted. It’s boring. It’s repetitive. It’s sometimes gross. It makes you fart. It stops you pooping. It makes you poop. It makes you eat breathe and sleep eggs and you will start sprouting feathers before the week is out.

The diet I followed was supposed to be for two weeks, but I was almost sick on the 7th day and I started to feel faint. I’d also lost such a large amount of weight that it didn’t seem safe to do for a second week.


The main thing I learnt is how much crap I eat; how many unnecessary calories I consume from sauces and snacks that I don’t actually need. It also made me realise that I don’t drink nearly enough. The two litres of water I drank every day not only filled me up and curbed any hunger pangs, it also cleared my skin dramatically. MY face has never looked clearer.


Another big thing for me was cutting down my coffees, I was drinking so many before and it really adds up. I realise now it’s better to have fewer nicer tasting coffees than one mediocre coffee. (Read my coffee review here)

It also made me look at my body differently and made me want to really look after myself from the inside out.



I’ve joined Slimming World now and will continue to eat healthily but from a diet where there are no restrictions. I felt it was important to get back into healthy eating habits so that I don’t put all that weight back on.

This is not a diet to do for very long and I’m not promising you will all lose the same as me but I think you will see a big difference.

Check out my before and after here.

I have made a little printable for you if you want to do it yourself. The calories are estimated as obviously I can’t weigh it for you.



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