Why You Should Visit a Medium

image1I went to see a medium last week and it was exactly as I had hoped it would be.

Now if you don’t believe in this sort of thing you can probably stop reading now because it doesn’t matter what I say you aren’t going to believe it! It really is a personal experience that I recommend everyone do at least once.

I wasn’t fully a believer and I needed to know that what she was saying was real so I never gave her any information about me so she couldn’t Facebook me or google me or find out anything about me.

I walked in and immediately felt calm and comforted. The room was decorated in purple with a thick cream pile carpet and a sofa with fur throws. I sat with the lady who was going to do my reading and she asked if I had brought an object of significance with me. I was mad because I really wanted to take in my Grandads hankie but I couldn’t find it in the morning so instead I took in his Nokia 3310 which still had his voice mail on.

She sat with the mobile in her hand for a little while and eventually looked me in the eye and said “63 is no age to die” For her to get something so right spooked me but also validated that my Grandad was still around me.

My Grandad and I were very close. My first memory is running up his drive to see him, and then washing his car on Saturday afternoon. He came to live with my mum and I and he really was my best friend. He was exactly what you would hope a Grandad would be. He loved carpentry and had a workshop and would make me whatever I wanted. He built me and my cousin dolls houses, and would build little ramps for me to ride my bike down. He wasn’t a great cook, so when my mum was at work he would cook beans on toast in his special way (two round of toast, one piece cut into triangles that went on the side of the plat and the other cut into tiny squares and the beans poured on top).

She went on to say lots more things that confirmed she was not making this up. She told me that my grandad was with his mum and gave me the name Mona which was his mum’s name. Also told me he was with a fluffy dog who had passed. My dog spot had passed away and he never really got over the death of my Grandad. My mum and I went on holiday with my mum’s partner and his kids to Florida when I was 12. We said goodbye to my Grandad at about 3am and headed to Manchester airport for the holiday of a lifetime but on the third day of our break my Grandad died. 63 years old and no explanation as to why. His heart just stopped beating.I can tell you that somedays I still feel as sad as the day I found out. I truly miss him every day.

So that’s why I wanted to visit a medium. She told me that my Grandad was proud of my new career and with that I started crying. All I ever wanted was to make him proud and for her to say that, it made me feel like I had achieved every goal I’d ever set out to do. She told me things that brought back memories like drinking pretend gin and tonic with him, and reading books with him.

Once she had told me everything she could about my Grandad she started talking about me. About my decisions, my future and things that I should watch out for and be careful of. The first of those things is she said I was in a new relationship and that I have to accept the love that he gives me (much to my boyfriends amusement) and that he is a good man. (I happen to agree with her.)19424344_697738380411182_7573777897037306074_n

She also told me I need to learn to say no more which is definitely a trait I feel that I am lacking, and told me that I need to tell my mum to “plant the rose bush again”. Well I told my mum and this weekend she has been planting rose bushes next to my Grandads tribute just in case!

So yeah, I think that some people do have a gift and even if she was bluffing it was really nice to hear. And sometimes you just need a little reassurance that you are on the right path and you are making someone proud.


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