Fat to Fit in one day Flat

Day one of Slimming World.
So I woke up today dreaming about being the skinnier healthy version of myself and then I realised that was a dream and I’m only on day one of my journey.
Yesterday I wrote a shopping list that I was really strict with both food wise and money wise!image1 3 Budgeted £60 ish and it came to £36!  I also wrote down some breakfast, lunch and tea ideas for the next month to ensure I stay on track and to give me inspiration if I feel as though my food is lacking imagination.

I will not be writing a blog about every day of my life during my slimming world journey but I thought the first day after my first weigh in would be nice to look back on in a few months time if I forget why I started.

Before work I had a green tea and a glass of water because I like to have my breakfast at work .
For breakfast I had one weetabix and one hi fi bar (Healthy extra B) with a mandarin muller light poured over the top and a coffee with my skimmed milk that I measured (Healthy extra A) and took to work with me in a pot.For elevenses I was a bit peckish so I had a hifi bar (three syns) with another cup of coffee, again with skimmed milk.image1 2

For lunch I had chicken legs (I took the skin off) salad, onions, beetroot and reduced fat cottage cheese. All of the above is free or super free so I felt good about that.

I was supposed to go out for tea for my step sisters birthday but I ended up working late with my mum. I decided that I was going to have jacket potato when I went out or salad but as I ended up staying in for tea I had spaghetti bolognese with cheese. Might seem really obvious but here is how I made my slimming world friendly Spag Bog!

Spag Bol Ingredients:

  • Less than 5% fat mince (250g)
  • Half a tub of tomato passata
  • Half a tin chopped tomatoes
  • Worcester sauce
  • Onion
  • Carrots
  • Peppers
  • Mushrooms
  • Garlic
  • Paprika
  • Spaghetti
  • 25g lighter mature grated cheese (4 syns)

Method (Cooking time is approx 30 mins and feeds me twice!)

  1. Fry the mince until brown (I don’t even use fry light for the mince as juices come off it while you are frying)
  2. Add onions, carrots, peppers, mushrooms to the frying pan and brown off slightly.
  3. In a saucepan add half a tin of chopped tomatoes and half a tub of passata. Once hot add garlic, paprika and Worcester sauce.
  4. Add mince and vegetables to the sauce and leave to simmer while you cook your spaghetti.
  5. (Not going to teach you how to suck eggs but: boil water, add spaghetti, cook until done)

And there you have it.

For the sake of 4 syns I say have the cheese because then it really feels as though you are having a hearty meal! This meal also has a third speed food with the help of the onions, peppers, carrots, mushrooms because I pack them in and don’t uses as much mince so I can save that for another meal. Also the Worcester such is in place of the brown sauce I normally put in, gives it a real tang and flavour. The great thing about slimming world I think is your spices and a lot of cooking condiments like soy sauce, worcester sauce, vinegar etc are completely free and really can transform a boring meal into something you actually want to come home to!

Anyway finishing the day with a muller light and I’m taking the rest of this Spag Bol to work with me tomorrow to have for lunch because it was delicious. No cheese for lunch though!

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