Blondes have more fun?

From brunette to blonde. Can it be done? Is it a good idea?

Well let me tell you I am the queen of hairstyles. You name a colour or style I have most probably done it. From boy short to longer than my bum. From accidental pink hair to purposeful purple hair I have tried it all.

Just a few of the hairstyles and colours…..

The thing with my hair is I get bored of the same thing really quickly. At Christmas I had purple/brown/blonde hair and then went to just plain brunette and that lasted two months and then the sun came out and I felt my hair was too dark so I asked my hair dresser if she would mind making my hair blonde!

Now the area thing about my hair dresser is she has been doing my hair for about 5 years so she knows exactly what I’m like so she tends to say yes on the condition that I don’t bleach the sh*t out of it when she isn’t around.

Yep that happened about two years ago, I had accidentally turned my hair three different shades of red, pink and orange and it took my mum SIXTEEN lots of bleaching my hair until it was back to a normal colour. Yes 16 lots of bleach. I’m not exaggerating you can ask her! And no my hair didn’t fall out (that time) but I did severely burn my scalp.

So back to brunette to blonde. Yes it can be done! But there are certain rules that you should follow.

  1. Do not do it yourself! I cannot stress to you enough how much your scalp hurts. I had blisters, dandruff, burns. It was horrendous. And if that wasn’t painful enough, there is nothing worse than washing off the bleach, taking off that towel and revealing the most horrendous colour. Leave it to a professional!
  2. Don’t expect it to happen straight away. I’ve had highlights put through this time, I will have more put through next time, and then the third time I will have the whole of my hair done.
  3. Buy silver shampoo and get over the fact it may look brassy for a little while! You are changing your colour from one end of the spectrum to the other so its not going to happen over night and there will be some gingery yellow tones, it’s ok! They are called “warm tones” 😉
  4. Look after your hair. Lay off the straighteners! Now I’ve started going blonde I have two weeks of wearing my hair in a bun or a pony tail and letting it dry naturally just so I don’t frazzle it! I also invested in Revlon Professional Uniq One Hair Treatment. You can buy this on feel It is a little bit expensive but so so worth it I cannot recommend it highly enough!
  5. Resign yourself to the fact that once you are blonde you have to upkeep your roots every four weeks. Some people can go longer but for me it is four weeks max! If I could afford to have my roots done every 2 weeks I would, but I would be the homeless girl you buy a sausage roll for when your in town who lives in a sleeping bag with the rootless blonde hair!

So thats it really! Just take your time, if it’s a colour you really want you won’t mind waiting to get it right.


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