BREAKING NEWS: All of my social media is a big fat lie.
No, I’m not lying, it really is.
It’s something we are all guilty of without even realising.

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 12.57.16
Both pictures have filters…Guilty!

My Facebook is full of my good memories, funny stories, happy birthdays and generally upbeat happy stuff. For example I recently shared my race for life picture after completing the 10k in York. It was all smiles and well done’s and congratulations. Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 12.48.14What I failed to mention was that paramedics rushed to my aid because I collapsed at the finish line.

We are the editors of our social media, and we choose what we want other people to see about our lives and subsequently this can mean people often feel inadequate because they don’t feel like they measure up.
I’m guilty of it too. I look at people who are my age or even younger and they seem like they have got their lives together and they have perfect relationships with friends and partners but they are editing their social media too. They aren’t going to put “Just bought a house with my boyfriend but he’s doing my bloody head in at the moment and I can’t wait to get the spare bed in so he can move in there” because if they did people would judge them and thats what everyone is afraid of.

Deep down everyone wants to be liked or be looked at in a good light. I don’t care who you are no one likes being the butt of a joke or gossip and we manipulate the information we put out on social media accordingly.

I am definitely guilty of thinking “God you didn’t need to share that one Facebook, thats a bit too much information” but at least the people who do share their world, good and bad are being honest.

I suppose it’s a little bit like when you are filling in your CV. You wouldn’t put that your hobbies are eating full packets of Jaffa cakes in one sitting, and your greatest achievement was holding in a trump for three days.

A report was released recently that said that people are lying about travelling and events to make themselves sound more interesting and fit in with the rest of their peers and that makes me so sad. No one should ever feel like they have to lie to fit in.

Another thing we edit is our pictures. Instead of capturing the moment, we are capturing what we think is the most aesthetic moment to other people and it’s so not necessary.
And filters on profile pictures, I’m really not trying to make anyone feel bad about this because I love a filter! But it always makes me think about a meme that was shared that says if any of us go missing we are screwed because none of us look like our profile pictures.stop-editing-your-pics_o_5144143

So maybe us girls (because I think we are predominantly more likely to get jealous and edit our lives, should try two things.
1) be a bit more honest with ourselves, you don’t have to share it on Facebook but let’s not exaggerate how good something is and…
2) Lets step back a bit and realise no ones life is completely perfect and everyone you have on your Facebook will be fighting their own personal battles, whether they choose to share that or not.
I wasn’t going to add a third but I think I will. Maybe we should all have a day off social media and live in the now so we can appreciate our own lives instead of constantly comparing it to someone else’s.


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