Oh my dog. ​

Before I get started with this post I just want to say that I’ve felt pretty guilty this past month because it was my dog’s birthday on May 31 and I remembered on June 14.
I felt like the worse owner in the world and I didn’t say it out loud because I didn’t want to admit that I had forgotten.
Anyway, Henry turned two this year and he has given me two years of absolute joy.

When I first decided I was going to get a puppy I was so excited I couldn’t sleep, and then I got him and also couldn’t sleep, because he cried for roughly six hours a night in the kitchen where I left him because I was trying to get him into a routine.
It was nothing short of hell. For something so tiny, he made a lot of noise. He would scratch on the kitchen door and cry and howl into the early hours until one day I had a light bulb moment, *literally* and I left him a lamp on.
He shut up almost immediately and started sleeping through the night. And from that moment
Now he is far FAR from being a perfect dog, if I leave a shoe around he will chew it, and sometimes he has the odd whimper in the middle of the night, but he is also my best friend.
If I cry he will lay his head on mine, if I laugh he will play along, and if I have a bath you can bet your wages he’s poking his head through the bathroom door to see if he is missing out on bubbles. (Henry loves bath bubbles. See below.)


It got me thinking about how much of a role pets have in our lives. We invite these furry (sometimes) creature into our homes and hearts and we try and make them happy.

We live alongside them, plan our days out and holidays around them and do what we can to ensure they have the best life possible for the short amount of time they are in our lives.

Now there is an ulterior motive to this post unfortunately and that is to highlight the people who are not like-minded and are not kind and considerate to pets.

Videos and photos of animal abuse can sometimes make its way on to our social media and because the majority of people are horrified of the crimes against these animals, they share it, to show that they think that it is wrong and disgusting.

Unfortunately, many sites abuse people’s good natures to get clicks on a website (Clickbait) and in turn, will get paid extra money by advertisers for the footfall on their website.

So instead of sharing animal abuse, stand up to these horrific people by signing petitions ran by reputable organisations like PETA and RSPCA and only share the good.

It make’s my stomach turn when I see what people do to these animals and it makes me even more sick that websites are using this to make money.

So here is to the fantastic owners of gorgeous pets. To the people who run their lives around their dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoises, fish, etc and make sure their time with them is good and happy and loving. To the organisations and charities who donate their time and money to make sure that the animals who may have not had it so easy, catch a break.

Thank you.



Winners of the Facebook photo competition:

Meg Adriane Carine  with Ellie Bear
Sammy Altman with Pea
Faye Valentina Gray with Beau

Winners were picked at random out of a hat.

Please send me a message with your address here and I will post out your prizes.

Thank you!


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